Multi-layer security

No safety without security

The overall objective this work package is to develop a cybersecurity solution for the CHIMERA mobile manipulator in order to ensure security in a networked production environment. Security and safety functions must work together in a closed loop to ensure physical safety of humans.

In this task, the concept for the security architecture is developed and implemented, including the workflows that have to be followed in order to interact with security-relevant system functions (e.g., configurations, updates and maintenance). For that purpose the affected workers will also be included in the design phase of these workflows, in order to keep them safe, secure and usable at the same time. The security architecture must protect the system on network, operating system and application level in combination with secure hardware modules. The architecture must especially cover the connection to the robot’s safety implementation by shielding software-defined safety functions from external access. As an example, the correct processing of safety-related sensor data must not be interrupted by attacks on the system. For that the robot’s internal network will be mostly isolated from the environment, which means that internal components are accessible only if necessary.

Finally, we evaluate the safety and security architecture in multiple dimensions:

  1. The usability of the security solution (with production domain experts)
  2. The system security (penetration testing)
  3. The interplay of safety and security
The testing and evaluation procedures are performed throughout the implementations to enable early countermeasures in case the architectural concept has to be adapted.