Robot safety and safe gripping

Protecting humans from harm

In industrial environments, robots are traditionally placed behind safety fences to protect humans from harm. With the rise of the new technology of sensitive robots, this separation becomes obsolte and new possibilities in the collaboration between humans and robots arise. One of the new application areas is mobile manipulation.

But even tough this new generation of robots can sense their environment, still risks for the physical safety of humans exist which influence human-robot collaboration. Thus, it is necessary to assess the overall system in course of a risk analysis, including the robot itself but also the whole environment (including humans). One important part of risk analysis is the verification of biomechanical strain (force and pressure) according to ISO/TS 15066 and the compliance to the thresholds defined therein in cases of collision of human and robot.

To enable a robot to manipulate its environment, we will develop a solution to pick-and-place special objects using a safe gripper in a collaborative environment. The solution will enable the detection of emergency relevant situations using different sets of sensors.

The resulting gripping concepts are evaluated in lab-scale by end-users as well as force measurements using the force measurement equipment of JR-ROBOTICS to test ISO/TS 15066 compliance.