Adaptive assistive technolgies

Effectively supporting workers in human-robot collaboration

The main objective of this work package is the research and development of an intelligent interface framework for the intuitive and systematically efficient coordination of teamwork operations in a collaborative suite of human and cyber-physical work forces using augmented reality devices, human factors technologies and mobile manipulators, in the industrial intra-logistics environment of a highly flexible and automatized manufacturer shop floor. Main project development activities:

Intelligent user interfaces aim at a significant contribution to safety, interaction ergonomics and performance optimisation. This should happen in the frame of global and human related automation processes, at the workplace working in a collaborative team, side-by-side with autonomous robots. Latest AR/VR technologies, e.g., MS Hololens, Meta One, Atheer, HTC Vive and FOVE will be investigated for their potential, and evaluated capabilities to improve human-robot collaboration. The goals of this work package are: